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What is ECG?

ECG (electrocardiogram) is a clinical test that is performed to measure the electrical activity of the patient’s heart. The heart is muscular and it beats in a rhythm manner in order to pump the blood throughout the body. In an ECG test, the electrical impulses made while the heart is beating are recorded and viewed on a device. The recording can also be printed on a piece of paper in a graphical form. This is known as an electrocardiograph. It has a wave-like appearance with highs and lows or spikes and dips.

The ECG is useful to detect any problems associated with the heart’s rhythm and rate. The cardiologists and physicians around the world depend on the ECG test to detect heart problems such as –

  • Coronary heart disease – There is a distinct lack of blood supply to the heart muscle.
  • Arrhythmia – The heart beat is not regular. It is either too slow or too fast or irregular.


Why should I opt for ECG at your centre?


We use an advanced ECG system that is compact, cost-effective, and easy to carry around. At our centre, high quality ECG test results are reliable as the cardiograph will have high-resolution. It can be viewed in a full-colour display in an exceptionally fast and flexible manner to satisfy all the specific clinical requirements and environmental standards.

Improve Accuracy

Our ECG reports have improved accuracy as the patient’s heart signals are converted immediately into a digital form of the highest quality. Our advanced ECG equipment is not only technologically superior, but it also provides interpretative support so that the clinician can diagnose the heart condition faster without loss in accuracy.

 What are the advanced features in your ECG system?

  • The ECG graph on the monitor has high resolution.
  • The heart activity is displayed in full colour.
  • Cardiac diagnoses are accurate and fast because of the interpretative support.
  • The advanced observation support and telemetry heart system ensures that the heart’s electrical activity is not only correctly checked and recorded, but also stored and shared in a digital format.

 What is the ECG stress test?

The ECG stress test is same as the Treadmill stress test or TMT exam. The ECG system is connected to the patient’s chest using electrodes. This ensure that the heart activity is measured, observed, and interpreted on the display monitor under the following conditions –

  • When the patient is resting
  • When the patient is exercising slowly.
  • When the patient is exerting himself or herself due to stressful exercise.
  • When the patient is resting after completing the exercise.