Posted by admin at November 28, 2017 12:01 pm
Important Thing for Considering While Going For MRI Scanning

When you are going to MRI facility you will come across many choices. The important question is that to ask whether you are receiving the best that MRI imaging has to offer. Within the imaging community, there are certain factors that need to be considered with respect to technology, the protocols, and sequences that are used to obtain the images.  Among all other, the most important are the technicians and the radiologist who administers, read and report your images should also be considered.

Other consideration includes the quality of the services received and the manner in which your findings are reported to you.

  • What is the technology being used by the center?

The type of scanner used will directly impact the quality of the image being produced. If you wish that high-quality result should be achieved than the technology utilized is high-field”. High-field scanner is those with the magnetic field 1.5 Tesla or greater. An MRI technology changes very fast so make sure the machines used for scanning are not very old.

  • Does the center have the right hardware to perform scanning?

If you need a brain, shoulder. Foot, wrist, chest and abdomen scan make sure the clinic uses dedicated coil for all particular areas. Some clinic uses all-purpose coil this might affect the accuracy and image quality.

  • Protocols used for scanning?

There are hundreds of commands require programming the high-field MRI scanner. The protocol is to name for the series of commands and sequence required for the machines to scan different parts of the body.

  • Are the radiologists well qualified?

The importance of the qualification of the radiologist who reads the scan cannot be undermined. Radiologists who are working at the hospitals should have extensive experience to go through thousands of scanning reports during their serving time in hospitals.

Another critical consideration is whether the radiologist reading your scan is specialized in reading images of that particular area of the body. Due to broad scope now the radiologist also have specialized training or experience in particular body part. This type of specialization and expertise will improve the accuracy of the reporting in a particular area.

  • The scanner can be open or wide-bore design

Open or wide bore design of the scanner provides approximately twice the room in the magnet compared to a traditional scanner which has its own limitation. Also because of the short length of the tunnel, more than 60 % of the scanning is performed with patients head outside the magnet.