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Pregnancy Ultrasound: Purpose, Procedure

In every woman’s life pregnancy is one the most precious movement that occurs in her life. She feels so blessed and happy that she is going to become a mother. Mostly Pregnancy may be detected easily by a woman herself by using medical kits and symptoms she feels like menstruation pause, back pain, increase urinary frequency and much more. During pregnancy period a test known as ultrasound perform by a doctor to diagnose the condition of the baby and get an information regarding mother and baby health, blood flows in a fetus, delivery dates etc. ultrasound test becomes very helpful for mothers because they can listen to the heartbeat of their babies.

A purpose of Ultrasound test:

During pregnancy stage ultrasound test is performed to check the structural changes of the baby in the uterus. Many problems faced by a woman like bleeding, abdominal pain during pregnancy is also checked by an ultrasound test.  This test is divided into three trimesters; a first trimester is performed at the early stage of pregnancy between 1-12 months for following purpose:

  • Confirmation of pregnancy
  • To Estimate the delivery date
  • Single or multiple pregnancies
  • To check the position of a baby
  • Chances of miscarriage

The second trimester is performed at 12-24 weeks of pregnancy stage and it gives the following information:

  • Baby growth
  • Reveal the gender of the baby
  • Diagnose any problem occurs in fallopian tubes and uterus
  • Blood flow in fetal
  • To check the cervix length

The third trimester is performed at 24-40 weeks of pregnancy stage and reveals the following information:

  • Detecting structural abnormalities
  • Miscarriage
  • To detect the Abnormal and normal position of the baby
  • Birth defects

The ultrasound test is only performed by your doctor by following the procedure. Learn how an ultrasound test is performed by your doctor.


Before an Ultrasound test, a doctor gives you some instructions like drink more water and hold your urine for long time (this will give a better image of the baby position in your uterus on the computer screen) than doctor apply a jelly on the mother’s abdomen for improving a sound and to make a smooth movement of the transducer. A doctor will move transducer up and down on abdomen to check the location where he/she will get the clear image of a baby on the monitor. During this test or scan, the doctor records some images and videos for the future interpretation.