Posted by admin at October 25, 2017 11:56 am
Simple Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Do you know that exercising and healthy diet can keep your heart fit and fine? Below are few tips that you can follow everyday to help your heart work more efficiently. Incorporate these habits in your lifestyle and your heart health will be the best it can be for you.

  • No smoking: if you are a smoker, quit. It’s the single best thing you can do for your healthy heart. Smoking is one of the main causes of coronary heart disease. The study shows that a year after giving up, your risk of heart attack falls about half that of a smoker. Nonsmoker who have high blood pressure or high blood cholesterol have an even greater risk of developing heart diseases when they are exposed to even secondhand smoke. The main reason behind this is that chemical emitted from cigarette smoke promotes the development of plaque buildup in the arteries.
  • Eat healthy fat rather than trans-fat: we need fat in our diet that includes saturated and poly saturated and unsaturated fats. One fat we don’t need is trans-fat, which is known to increase your risk of developing heart disease or having stroke over the life time. This happens because trans-fat clogs your arteries by raising your bad cholesterol level and lowering your good cholesterol level. By cutting them from your diet, you improve the blood flow throughout your body. You can look at the label of food. It appears as partially hydrogenated oil. Look for 0 percent trans-fat.
  • Practice good dental hygiene: dental health is a good indication of overall health, including your heart, because those have periodontal um disease often have the same risk factors for heart disease. Bacteria in the mouth involved in the development of gum disease can move too blood stream end cause n elevation in C – reactive protein, a marker for inflammation in the blood vessels. This may result in heart stroke or other heart disease. So it’s a good habit to keep your oral hygiene up to the mark by daily brushing and flossing.
  • Get enough sleep: sleep is an essential part of keeping your heart healthy. If you do not have a good sleep at night there is a higher risk of cardiovascular disease no matter your age or your health habits. Make sleep a priority. Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep most nights. If you have sleep apnea visit doctor as this may link to heart disease.