Posted by admin at September 28, 2017 10:11 am
Top Six Diagnostic Tests

To ensure and maintain the optimum health the diagnostic tests play a very vital role. In today’s world the person looks health from the outlook but sometimes he suffering from many defects internally about which he does not have any awareness. There are many diseases which does not have any noticeable symptom unless they become complicated and sever to treat. To notice the silent symptoms of the disease these test play an important role. So it is imperative for the person to go through some important tests.

Some of the top diagnostic tests are listed as below:

Blood test– blood test [Complete Blood Count (CBC)] provides the blue print about the working of the body. Anemia or any kind of infection can be detected from this test. Rbcs (Red Blood Corpuscles), WBC (White Blood Corpuscles), leukocytes, platelet count; etc are analyzed on conducting the blood test. For conducting this test blood is collected from the vein of arm or finger of the person.

Urine test- proper functioning of the kidney, bladder and the urine tract is ensured through this test. Sample is generally the mid stream of the first urine the person passes in the morning. This test analysis-

  • Proteins,
  • Sugar,
  • Ketenes,
  • Bile salts,
  • Bile pigments,
  • Occult blood,
  • Urobilinogen,
  • Epithelial cells,
  • Red blood cells
  • Crystals

Lipid Profile Test- this test detects the abnormality in the lipid such as cholesterol. This is generally recommended along with complete blood count [CBC] test. Risk for cardiovascular diseases, pancreatitis and other genetic diseases is detected through this test.

Fasting Plasma Glucose (Test) – This is the diabetic screening tests. This test is generally done by the primary physicians along with complete blood count [CBC] test. For this test fasting blood sample is collected during the morning after 8-10 hours of fasting during the night. And second sample is collected after 2 hours [when person had consumed his meal] on the similar day.

Electrocardiogram ECG or EGK test are the other name of this test. This test will detect the wellness of the heart in pumping blood to the other parts of the body. Little electrodes are connected to machine and also attached to the skin of the person. The print out of the heart beat will let the person know the slow as well as fast beating of the heart. This test is done to check the health of the heart and risk of heart attacks.

Mammography – this test detects the cysts [or growth of tumors] which grow in the breast of the person. So that they can get treated before they become too big and difficult to get treated.