Posted by admin at December 27, 2017 9:01 am
What is CT Scan and when we need it?

A CT scan that is computed tomography scan allows the doctor to see inside of the human body. It is used in combination with the X-rays and a computer to produce a picture of your organ, bones and other tissues. But the details shown are more than the X-ray. You can get the CT scan done for any part of the body. The producer does not take very long and it’s absolutely painless.

How does CT scan work?

It uses a narrow beam of light that circles around one part of the body. This, in turn, produces a number of images from many different angles. A computer, in turn, uses this information to create a cross-sectional picture. The computer thus creates 3D or three-dimensional pictures. This gives the doctor a better view of the organ, bone or blood vessel.

How is CT scan done?

Your doctor will recommend you not to eat or drink for few hours before the procedure is carried out. Also, you will be asked to wear a hospital gown with all the metal objects removed from the body. A technician will perform the CT scan. During which you have to lie on a table inside, doughnut shapes CT machine. As the table slowly moves through the scanner the X-ray rotates around the body.

What is it used for?

  • It detects any bone and joint problems like complex fracture and tumors
  •    If you have any particular condition like cancer, heart disease, emphysema or liver masses, it can spot it very easily
  • Also, it shows an internal injury and bleeding, such as caused by car accidents
  • It can locate tumor, blood clot, excess fluid or infection
  • Doctors usually use them to guide treatment plans and procedures like biopsies, surgeries and radiation therapy
  • It is used to see the result of the treatment given

Risk associated

Research says that CT scan with the X-ray may damage your DNA and lead to cancer. But the risk is very small about 1 in 2000. However, radiation effects add up over the lifetime. So the risk increases with every CT scan you do. Talk to your doctor about the danger associated with it.

Ionizing radiation may be more harmful to children. That because they are still in their growth phase. Also, tell your physician if you are pregnant. If you need imaging of any area doctor most likely will not use CT scan.