Posted by admin at January 11, 2018 8:58 am
What is TMT and Why is it Done?

A treadmill test is also called TMT test, is a kind of test performed to diagnose patients who may be suffering from a suspected heart disease. It can also be called exercise stress test. It is usually performed test these days. However, some other test is also performed together with TMT if the result produced is inconclusive.

Why is TMT done?

A treadmill test is useful for many reasons it helps the doctor to determine if the blood supply to the heart is reduced or is normal. It can also help in determining if patient’s lungs are in good condition. This is in relation to whether the persons exercise tolerance ok.

If you are regularly taking the medicines related to blood pressure or diabetes your doctor will advise you as to whether you should take these on the day TMT needs to be conducted. It is generally performed for best result on an empty stomach. As sometimes the exercise can make you feel nauseous, especially when you have consumed some food short while ago.

How is the TMT performed?

The patients normally arrive at the diagnostic center empty stomach. it is recommended that patients wear comfortable clothes and shoes so that they do not feel any inconvenience or difficulty walking on the treadmill equipment.

As exercise treadmill test is performed as an outpatients test. It engages a patient having to walk on the TMT machine while the person is also attached to the ECG monitors that record the heartbeat throughout the test.

Once the patients are attached to the ECG monitor a BP is taken when the person lie down and similarly another recording of BP is taken as they are asked to stand up. If there is an increased BP reading the patients are sending back and the test is rescheduled. At the beginning, the speed is kept low after which gradually increased as per the doctor’s recommendation. At the end, BP reading is taken and the patients are asked to relax for few minutes. The entire test takes between 30 to 45 minutes.

Information gathered through TMT test

An exercise treadmill test offers the information regarding whether or not the heart is able to undergo an increasing amount of stress during exercise. If there is any complication in the amount of blood reaching the heart, there will be changes on the heart monitor. ECG will reflect the change in blood flow to the heart as it is also constantly monitored during the TMT.