Dr Piyush MRI & Diagnostic Centre offers the most advanced ultrasound diagnostics services in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, which can be used for imaging virtually every body part. The addition of Colour Doppler imaging to the ultrasound medical equipment has made them the diagnostics tool of choice for providing the most accurate results.


With the newer 3D ultrasound, multiple two-dimensional images are taken at various angles and then pieced together to form a three-dimensional rendering.

In case of obstetric ultrasounds, instead of just seeing a profile view of your unborn child’s face, you can see the whole surface. A 4D ultrasound exam is similar, but the image shows movement — which means like a video, you see your baby doing things in real time (like opening and closing his eyes and sucking his thumb).

Echocardiography is simply an ultrasound examination of the heart. Fetal echocardiography allows the doctor to better see the structure and function of your unborn child’s heart. It’s typically done in the second trimester, between weeks 18 to 24. The exam uses sound waves that “echo” off of the structures of the fetus’ heart.